Program Committee

  • Paola Arellano, REUNA Chile
  • Rafael Rodríguez, RENATA Colombia
  • Juan Pablo Carvallo, CEDIA, Equador
  • Carlos Gamboa, RedCONARE, Costa Rica
  • Eduardo Grampín, RAU, Uruguay
  • Eduardo Grizendi, RNP, Brasil
  • Luis Furlan, RAGIE, Guatemala
  • Moisés Torres, CUDI, Mexico
  • Francisco García, SENACYT, Panama
  • Robinson Zapata Pino, SENACYT, Panama
  • Luis Eliécer Cadenas, RedCLARA
  • Tania Altamirano, RedCLARA

Organizing Committee

  • María José López, RedCLARA
  • Francisco García, SENACYT
  • Robinson Zapata, SENACYT


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In line with the objectives of the EU-LAC Digital Alliance and the the BELLA II project led by RedCLARA, TICAL provides a forum for strategic dialogue and exchange of experiences among the NRENs members of RedCLARA on strengthening regional science, technology, and innovation; promotes the identification of common challenges and opportunities of digital transformation for the economic and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean, and seeks to identify the cornerstones for building a common development agenda based on digital.


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